Introducing Deliveries™️

Deliveries™️ gives you an access to a large network of reliable delivery service providers, both for on-demand delivery and scheduled shipping.

How Deliveries™️ works?

Step 1

Place Order
Customer places and pays an order through your store.

Step 2

Add Jobs
Add jobs through manual creation, bulk import, or connect with our API.

Step 3

Select Service Type
You can choose the delivery service type (Same-day or Scheduled). Then modify the job details, such as the pickup and delivery location information, and, etc.

Step 4

Choose Provider
After selecting the delivery service type, you can pick a preferred partner from our list of providers.

Step 5

Pickup Order
The delivery driver will then go to the pickup location.

Step 6

Item Delivered
Finally, the driver will complete the delivery by bringing the package to the customer.
App Features

Improve delivery service with our features.

Book Multiple Ways

Add delivery requests manually, import them in bluk, or use our APIs to seamlessly book orders from your webstore.

Compare Rates

Find out the best rates by comparing fees from various providers.

Booking Cycles

Setup booking cycles between providers to automate rebooking process in case your primary provider fails to give you a rider.

Postpaid Billing

No need to top-up different wallets. We will provide a consolidated monthly bill of your consumption


Integrate your systems via APIs or use our webstore plugins.

14/7 Support

Regular support availability to respond to your delivery concerns.

Delivery Service Types
Choose a delivery type depending on your business' needs.

On-demand Delivery

Same-day Delivery

Book our on-demand providers to fulfill your same-day deliveries. (e.g. food deliveries, gadgets, sending important documents, etc.)

Standard Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

Schedule the dispatch of your deliveries in advance. (e.g. bulk orders, cost-effective delivery option, etc.)

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